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Master's Higher Ed. - Too specific? Necessary?


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Hi all!


I wanted to gain some perspective and obtain some advice in regards to going for a Master's in Higher Ed. I have a decent amount of experience both from college (grad in 2012) and post-grad exp (currently working in a college). I'm really torn about the next step towards my education. I have been thinking about this for quite some time now and had some reoccurring thoughts.


Is a Masters in Higher Ed too specific? If for some reason you want to make a career change, is it applicable towards other areas? Or should I look for something more general like Counseling/MBA in case I find myself elsewhere? I graduated with a degree in Organizational Comm and Psychology and somehow find myself wanting to go towards the Marketing/PR route, but at the same time Higher Ed calls me back, haha.


And regarding that degree, I am trying to avoid the GRE and looked into a decent amount of schools both in and out of state (I'm from NY). Any recommendations? I saw USan Fran, USan Diego, UConn, etc which all seemed like good programs.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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