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University of Michigan


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I'll be visiting University of Michigan this summer. From their website, it seems like a great program, but I never hear much about it. Just wondering if anyone here goes there, I'd love to hear some firsthand experiences (that includes application, interviews, and the actual program).


I've also never actually visited a campus before- I go to the Glasgow School of Art as an international student from Illinois, so I wasn't able to see the school before I went. I've never had an in-person interview for a school, either. Do I actually bring anything with me for a campus visit? 


Thanks very much!

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I've lived in Michigan all my life and am just finishing up Undergrad at one UM's  two satellite campuses.  This is my dream school for grad, but I'm still learning and researching! My landlord and three professors all went to Ann Arbor and loved it.  Ann Arbor has a supportive arts community, a lively sports crowd, lots of good food.


From what I know (which is from the website), they give you a laptop with the design programs, encourage (and partially/fully fund?) an experience aboard during the summer in between years, and offer teaching assistant-ships. 


For the interview I would research professors working in the art program.  Be able to name several and say why you would like to work with them.


Would love to hear more responses!


And good luck!

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Did my undergrad there and worked for a few years in the building (albeit for the Architecture school), feel free to PM me with any questions.

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