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Columbia MA in Art History


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Hi everyone, I have been accepted into the MA in art history at Columbia. I wonder if anyone could shed light on how well-regarded the MA program is, since MA students might be considered as second-class compared to the Ph. D students. 

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I'm in the PhD program at Columbia...from my limited experience, I would say there's a pretty open rapport between doctoral and M.A. students despite the fact that the dept. seems to encourage the formation of separate tribes...the only caveat would be that a few professors tend to prefer doctoral students for seminars, however I have taken a few with near 50-50 make-up of PhD/MA students. 


Feel free to ask any more specific questions, look forward to seeing you here.

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I think the general consensus is that it is a bit of a cash-grab (all paid MA programs are, really) but that it does well in terms of placing students in doctoral programs, etc. If you can afford it I think the opportunity is worth it, but I wouldn't go into debt for it. 


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