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Department of State Student Internship Program


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Hello everybody.


I was recently admitted to earn my MA in international affairs. I was looking into the Department of State Student Internship Program, especially being placed in an overseas embassy.


It might be a long shot if anyone has a vague idea of what I am about to ask so here it goes. Overseas embassies can sometimes provide housing at no cost for interns. This is circumstantial however, given that different embassies have different costs. Generally the website said Western Europe has limited availability for housing while most other regions are listed as "typically can provide housing." Though this gives guidance there is still no guarantee or idea of what countries specifically offer housing. For example, I believe the cost of living and rent in Berlin might be lower than some countries in other regions though Western Europe as a whole is still more expensive than every other region thus limiting housing. Does anyone have any idea of what specific country embassies usually offer housing for interns?


This might be better situated in the government affairs section but since this deals with jobs, I'd figure this section meets the correct criteria.

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