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Declining an Offer after having accepted it?

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Hi everyone,


I was hoping someone could tell me if it is possible, and what the procedure would be, to turn down an offer/be released after I had already accepted a program. I've signed and submitted the contracts and international student forms as well though. =( 

As background, my top choice was not offering me any guaranteed funding so I went with the next best choice. And while figuring out the best way to decline my top choice, they emailed me to say I had received a Fellowship! So now I think I very likely want to go with my top choice. Is it possible for me to back out from the program I accepted since April 15th hasn't passed yet?


Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for the responses guys =) 


KindaHardWorker, from what I've found in some quick research I can request to withdraw in writing up until April 15th freely, so I'm going to do that. I didn't see anything in the contract that indicated it would be a problem so fingers crossed.

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