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I applied for environmental policy-based programs for the Fall 2014 semester, and got admits in six out of 12 universities. The three programs that I am seriously considering at this point are Monterey Institute of International Studies' MA in International Environmental Policy, George Washington University's MA in Environmental Resource Policy and NYU-SCPS' MS in Global Affairs. I have three years of professional experience with a consulting firm (as an analyst for their energy and environment practice) after an undergraduate degree in Economics from a top-40 university in US (with admittedly a mediocre GPA of 3.4) and my long-term career goal would be working at multilateral agencies or independent think tanks (such as the World Resources Institute)


MIIS is offering me 15k per year scholarship that cuts down tuition costs to about 21k. NYU-SCPS is offering me 8k, cutting down tuition to 24k. GWU is offering me zilch, and their annual tuition is around 27k. I currently live in a different city so I would have to pay living expenses as well, which range around 18k-24k. I managed to do undergrad without significant debt (and currently have no educational loans hanging over me), so I may be able to take around 30k debt, given that my personal finances and other sources would help me fund about 60k of the total cost.


So considering all these factors, which one should I go for? I know SCPS gets a bad rep for being a money sucker, and I am not sure with Trachtenberg and Elliot around, people really put any value to a degree from GWU's Columbian College, but then again NY and DC are great locations for networking, given the fact that most of my target institutions are located there. MIIS does seem to have some pull with the DC crowd through its alumni connections, but I think that the California location may hinder networking. In terms of career services however, MIIS gets my vote as they seem to have a better structure in place as compared to the two other programs, but then again - how crucial is brand value with regards to the career path that I am looking at?

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