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UIUC CS MCS v/s Cornell CS MEng v/s TAMU MS CS thesis


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I needed help/advice…
I applied for MS for Fall 2014 season last year to some universities in US. I wanted to know input about which university should I choose? I have admits from:
1. UIUC University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
CS MCS Professional Masters of Computer Science program (non-thesis program - 3 semesters)
2. Cornell University
CS MEng Master of Engineering program (non-thesis program - 9 months)
3. TAMU Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
CS MS program (thesis program - 2 years)
I don’t know if I would want to do PhD in the future after I complete my Masters and pay off the loan.
So, I want to keep the option for going to PhD open, if possible.
I'm confused as to which university should I choose.
I've equal inclination for both thesis and non-thesis programs. But, I think I'll be ruining my chances if I go for TAMU MS (thesis) and then don't get PhD into a better college.
What is the return on investment(ROI) of TAMU compared to UIUC/Cornell? Will an MS CS thesis from TAMU make my profile better to get PhD from a better university in the future?
However, if I choose Cornell/ UIUC, the brand tag and my hard work will always get me a great job.
If I choose a non-thesis program, which of the two ( UIUC and Cornell ) is better?
I am also mentioning my analysis for UIUC and Cornell so far:
 - PRO: Internship and TA opportunity
 - PRO: More projects done as part of courses
 - PRO: Cheaper ( i-20 57k) - Around 25lac INR
 - Will get a job a bit late.
 - Public IVY league
 - Have some time to settle down and plan degree according to ones liking.
 - CON: Will have to take Courses just to complete breadth requirement.
 - CON: No internship and TA opportunity
 - CON: Only one project
 - CON: Costlier ( i-20 67k) - Around 35lac INR
 - Will get a job 6 months earlier. Can make up for the additional cost.
 - IVY league
 - Hectic from day one. Need to be well prepared and should have planned course structure well in advance. Have to start looking for fulltime job soon.
 - PRO: Can tailor courses as I please.
Please reply with your opinions/feedback. Let me know if you need more information.
Jatin Ganhotra
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