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last week freaking out: PSIA-SIPA dual degree vs LSE vs IHEID


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I have just received all responses from my applications: admitted by Sciences-Po PSIA/Columbia SIPA dual degree in MIA, Sciences-Po PSIA MIA IDev, LSE MPA IDev and Geneva Graduate Institute IHEID's MDEV.


IHEID is the only one that has offered scholarship. It asked me to answer before April 15. So, I really have to decide asap.


I will list shortly what I have heard of those schools, their advantages and disadvantages.



  • Two year in Geneva;
  • Size: tiny school (less than 1000) and big program (100 for Mdev);
  • Student profile: recently graduated young people;
  • Networking: Internship at IOs, faculty and similar-background colleagues;
  • Expense (fee+living): 0 due to the scholarship for the first year, and around $20.000 for the second year;
  • Internship opportunity: plenty and easy;
  • Advantages: 2 year of IO oriented study; location, location; guaranteed first year FREE;
  • Disadvantages: not well-known, seems a little bit harder to get good job immediately; has not a functioning alumni network.




  • First year in Paris and second year in New York;
  • Size: 15-20 persons program inserted into huge schools and huge communities (500 to 1000);
  • Student profile: young people for the program, young people in Paris then mostly experienced policy-makers at SIPA;
  • Networking: similar-background young people at the program and at PSIA//Experienced old people at SIPA;
  • Expenses (fee+living): around $25.000 for the first year and $80.000 for the second;
  • Internship opportunities: very competitive at NYC;
  • Advantages: bilingual; location; big name; easy to get job; better than Sciences-Po PSIA's single degree;
  • Disadvantages: networking may actually be limited within the program; affordable but hard-life; someone told me that dual degree is not as solid as a single degree; unknown market reception; SIPA is too big;



  • Two years in London;
  • Size: big school and big program (100-200);
  • Student profile: similar to SIPA, experienced policy-makers with some young people.
  • Networking: within colleagues, similar to SIPA;
  • Expenses (fee+living): around $53.000 per year;
  • Internship opportunities: unknown;
  • Advantages: carrier-oriented MPA; big name; easy to find job; 
  • Disadvantages:  affordable but hard-life;

Previously I have ranked PSIA-SIPA>LSE>IHEID, but then IHEID's scholarship made it attractive, and rumors of dual degree being ineffective shook PSIA-SIPA's first place. I am unable to decide....


any help?




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