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I'm currently a junior with a 3.2 overall GPA and about a 3.0 economics major GPA at UChicago. Would these stats kill me applying to GA Tech IsYE? I got 167 Quant, 158 Verbal on my GRE and have some good finance internships under my belt. However, I would like to go more into consulting and operations management. Could my good GRE score offset my lower GPA? 

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i think your GPA might be too low, but weirder things have happened.


to clarify, i assumed you were talking about PhD rather than masters admissions. i don't know much about the masters application process.

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On the off chance that people will come to this in the coming years, I just got accepted into the ISyE master's program for health systems, and my overall undergrad GPA was a 2.43, math major GPA being slightly above a 3.0, coming from University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) with an applied mathematics degree. 

I will say that I have been working for the past 3 years though in a somewhat related line of research: disease transmission modeling, intervention resource allocation optimization, market dynamics.

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