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Need advice: GTown PRCC VS MSU PR VS GW Global Communication

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These are the last three programs I am considering, each has its pros and cons for me as an international student.


The GTown PRCC is under its continuing education school and offers Master of Professional Studies(MPS) degree. The faculty however is great, many industry resources and hence large number of opportunities in DC I guess.Tuition is less compared to GW's GC program (though not directly comparable), under 1000 USD per credit. What confuses me is their degree and school name. Is an MPS less desired than MA in the job market in US? at least it is if I return to my country. However GTown has a really good reputation overall.


GW Global communication program is offered by Elliott school of International Affairs, Columbian  school of arts and sciences and their Media school. The location is the same as GTown, very awesome place and offers great opportunities. Their course structure and curriculum looks great to me as well, more academic compared to GTown's prcc, and focus more on international communication. I am seriously considering them. However their tuition is much higher than the other two choices. However, the information is not as readily available as that of the other two. Anyone in this program can tell me more about its PROs and CONs? that would be awesome.


MSU MA in PR, more academically focused, and the location is less desired. Yet their reputation is very good here, and I guess it is similar in the US as well? And the tuition is comparatively lower than the other two, making it a worthy choice for me as well. and MA in PR is better than MPS in PR in my opinion. However as their location is not quite far from major cities, the internship opportunities are less. 


So above are my concerns, anyone can kindly offer me some suggestions? thank you in advance

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