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Economic History PhD, Oxford vs. LSE


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This is a really hard choice and I would appreciate some advice on choosing. I've been accepted to both Oxford and LSE for a doctorate in Economic History. In terms of funding, I've been extremely fortunate to secure a Clarendon for Oxford and a PhD Studentship for the LSE. I'm currently at the LSE, and absolutely love the faculty here. They have been extremely supportive, and I can see this as a strength in terms of PhD supervision. But, my research integrates archaeology with trade economics and the LSE doesn't have that expertise while Oxford is offering me a chance to work with a famous professor in archaeology and a professor in trade economics.


On the other hand, I am also dealing with Eurasian and more non-European/Western topic, so the LSE is a great place to work because I'll be with an expert in Asian Economic History. The supervisors assigned in Oxford are not as familiar with Asian Economic History...or Asian Archaeology (I was assigned to an English archaeology expert, although some parts of my work will involve his theoretical expertise and Greek archaeology). How does the Oxford supervision system compare to LSE? Both of the supervisors assigned to me are professors, so I am quite concern that they might be very busy.


I intend to stay in academic, so in terms of prospect for getting a job at a good university afterwards which one is better? (Assuming that I work hard and produce some strong papers during my PhD years)


Can anyone add any insight to this? Personal experiences, rumours, and random impressions are more than welcome.  


Thank you!!

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