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CFD people here? Please help me to make a decision of my lifetime.


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I have been admitted to UIUC, Yale, U Minnesota-Twin Cities and Northwestern with prestigious fellowships and full PhD funding. However, based on visits and discussion here on Forum, I have narrowed down my list to U Minnesota-Twin Cities and Northwestern.


U Minnesota-Twin Cities Aerospace Engineering: has the best professor in my field in US if not in the world; more specifically in reacting and hyper-sonic flows (I am an international student, though :/) that are my strong research interests. I will also have opportunities to go to NASA Ames Research Center at California to work in a non-ITAR project that uses his code. So it should be great fun. Strong ties to NASA.


Northwestern: It has one of the best professors in C.F.D. (Biological Propulsion) who publishes papers in Nature, Science and other high impact factor journals. I like his research works but never done in that area specifically as I worked more in reacting and hyper-sonic flows. Furthermore, Northwestern is more prestigious in over all university ranking and flexible. I am guaranteed to get summer internships at Ford/ other great companies. Strong ties to Argonne National lab (great for CFD).


I want to be a research scientist in a National Lab. Both professors are very powerful who can land me anywhere I want. 


Only 4 days are left :/


So can anyone help me to solve the problem in the simpliest and easiest way?


Thank you in adance :)









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