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SPEA vs. Evans UW


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I was accepted to both schools and both would cost approximately the same in terms of admission (Seattle would be a bit more expensive than Bloomington). I did my undergrad at IU and am thinking I'd like to get out of the midwest, but also want to get a worthwhile education.


Anyone else facing a similar dilemma or any current students of either school want to weigh in?


Much appreciated!

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What policy area is the one you think you are wanting to focus more on? Depending on what it is, do you research on which school's faculty is superior for your area (education, environment, drug, trade, transportation, community development, family, etc.). Look into the rankings (obviously not JUST the rankings because those always need to be taken with a grain of salt) for the relevant schools/programs to your desired area of expertise if the decision seems to be so even between the 2 options.

For example, based on affordability, my final two programs have been Madison and UCLA. UCLA is offering me less money, and since I want to work with education policy, Madison is a much better match. It ranks #3 for ed policy and #5 for education. Whichever area you want to specialize on, do some research (reach out to alumni if that's an option), and ask to get a good feel of which school has the better professors and resources for what you're looking for. 

Seattle would be more expensive than Indiana, but it would also be a much more fun city to live in for those two years (unless you really hate rain). The programs are basically on the same spectrum so their differences on the rankings for MPP schools doesn't really play as big of a role. 

Both schools seem equally good to me, so it is ultimately up to you. Do you research and find out which school seems to have the better professors and resources for the area you would like to study. And if they still seem pretty on par with each other, assess how much cost will be in an issue for you. If you went to IU for undergrad, I'm assuming you might be an Indiana native, which means you wouldn't have to take out-of-state tuition for that school, you probably already have a place to settle in Bloomington based on your "Location," and living costs won't be as high as they would be in Seattle (not that Seattle is THAT expensive anyway). Calculate some estimates for loan debt after 2 years (including tuition, fees, and living costs), and that may make the decision easier (or even harder as it was for me). Ultimately, do that research and find out which school would be a better fit for you depending on your interests and expected career aspirations. 

Best of luck! 

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