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History PhD vs Middle Eastern studies PhD


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Hey all,
I'm a bit confused on whether to pursue a PhD in Middle Eastern studies, or in History focusing on the Middle East.
Middle Eastern studies is appealing because of its interdisciplinary nature; my interests include modern Arab history and politics, colonialism and nationalism in the Middle East, Middle Eastern religious movements, as well as Islamic law and theology. 
I also have an interest in Mughal history and Islamic revivalist efforts in South Asia, which I'm not sure will fit in every Middle Eastern studies department, but will in at least some (such as Columbia's MESAAS).  
The appeal of History is that the field seems more solid and established. I have no idea about the statistics, but my impression is that it'll be easier to get a TT job with a History degree than with a Middle Eastern studies one (not many universities have Mid Eastern studies departments). 
But then, I'm afraid that History could be too limiting to my interests. I don't come from a History background, so I hope I'm wrong on that!
So what do y'all think? Any advice?

Thank you.
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Every professor that has advised me on the matter steered me towards a History PhD - it will give you more options for a TT job. You can get a job in a ME Studies dept with a history degree, but the reverse might be more difficult. You mentioned Columbia's MESAAS - my understanding is that this department is more focused on language and culture. The research interests you described much better fit a history program. I wouldn't be worried about not having the history background - I have an interdisciplinary degree in Middle Eastern studies, and had no problem getting into History PhD programs. I hope that helps! Good luck!

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