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Applying to MS degree (agian) after having it already

Tin Sn

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Hi all,

I would like to ask for your advice. I would like to apply to the MS degree (in EE department  again) in the US,
even if I had graduated in MS degree (in EE department) from a country (outside the US).
I have joined this forum during applying for PhD in EE department on fall term, 2014; I was rejected.
I didn't feel sad as I always have an annoying thoughts that my qualities may not be enough for becoming a PhD student in my head.


This kind of thought arises after I checked out the steps of getting PhD in many schools, and tried to read some researches of many professors. 
I felt that I may not make it.  

In fact, since working as the research assistant, I tried to learned by myself (through reading, and taking online courses).
I knew that this is an important phase of becoming a PhD student, and I will have to face the feeling of knowing nothing, any way, if I am in the PhD study. 
But the fear of having not enough backgrounds make me feel that I really don't mind if I would have to take my time in MS study, again.
I felt that it is much better to have the time to improve myself for the research and to have the chance getting to the classes.

So I am thinking about applying to MS degree in the same department (at the same University), instead of PhD, 
but I don't want the school to feel that I don't have the strong determination.

In addition, having said that i would like to studying for MS again, I did not mean that my previous MS gives me nothing.
I was enlightened by the courses in the previous MS study, and during that time, I did have three papers in international conferences . 
I actually love doing researches in the same field, and I would like to be more ready for it.

Would the fact that I have already had the Master in my country mars my chance in getting the MS degree ?
If this will not hurt anything, should I ever wrote about my previous MS study and my publications in my CV and resume  ?
Should I express the reasons for taking the MS again? 

By the way, my qualifications is as follows:
GPA 3.92 (Bachelor Degree in EE Dept), 4.00 (MS degree in EE)
Toefl ibt 90/120
GRE 167Q/147V AW3
Also I would appreciate if you would give me suggestions on improving my qualification. 
In addition to this, I am thinking about applying to top 20 universities, but I also love to hear your suggestion on which ranks of schools I should apply to.

Thank you for the suggestions you would give me

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