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Experimental Biophysics Schools?


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So I'm re-applying next year with a quite a few lessons learned and realized I might have gone for  the wrong focus in applying for schools, and maybe should have looked for schools that are specifically known for their experimental rather than computational biophysics programs. So now I'm looking to gather a list of such schools, are there any you could suggest? 

I'd like to not be in the middle of nowhere, or in the deep south, but preferably not in a huge city like NYC either and preferably not some place where the winters get down to single digits routinely. I know that's kind of specific but none of these are absolute requirements for me. 

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Well since I am into computational biophysics, I can tell you where not to apply better than where to apply.

The following are definitely known for being computational: Stony Brook, Johns Hopkins, Maryland, Stanford, Chicago, Rice, UNC, GMU, VCU.

I definitely know that Harvard, WUSTL, and Rutgers are big experimental schools. Rutgers seriously has an entire building and program for experimental proteomics.

I would talk to past advisors about this as well. When I started talking to my PI about phd programs, he immediately gave me 8 schools that would be perfect fits with my interests.

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