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SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship in the US


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I have searched for a few concrete answers on the board but have yet to find anything. I also don't want to hijack the SSHRC thread more than I already have.

I have noticed several of this years successful SSHRC applicants will be holding their awards in the US, and that some questions may arise. I have started this thread for us to share some information/advice for holding SSHRC in the states.

In particular, I am interested in learning about US taxation of the fellowship. I am aware (as most are) of the Canadian laws regarding fellowships but I have heard many contradictory accounts of how the US taxes the award. Can any current/former holders be of assistance in this case?

If anyone has any other questions, feel free to ask them here!

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I can't point to a concrete source to back me up here, but I know friends of friends who are currently holding the SSHRC in the states and they say that they don't have to pay tax on it. I think this follows from the Canadian/US tax treaty (where you can't get taxed twice on the same income, and you'll be taxed based on the country of origin of your funding). So either the SSHRC funds show up as Canadian income for tax purposes (which are tax free in Canada because Canada isn't a douche like the States in terms of taxing fellowships) or the SSHRC is perceived as US income, but coded as some manner of tax-exempt status in the states (unlike the fellowships, you douchey douchey American tax code)....


So this is my baseline awareness of the issue. I'd love to learn more!

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Yeah, I have heard very confusing news too. I am having the check sent to my Canadian address and just depositing in the money in my Canadian account to avoid confusion. So I will file it as Canadian income (which will be excluded)

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