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Directing MFA


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I'm currently taking time off school to gain more real world experience as a director.


I realize that your experience and exposure to the professional world can play a huge role in your attractiveness as an MFA candidate.  What sort of credits do other applicants have under their belts?  How many applicants applied (and were accepted) straight out of undergrad versus those that took time off to gain professional experience as a director?  What do you feel is the crowning achievement on your resume that makes you stand out from other applicants?


I thought this would be an interesting topic to cover.  Directing is a difficult field, in that we can't show our basic skill set as easily as a designer or a performer.  I certainly believe our resume carries quite a bit of weight in the application process.


What does everyone else think?  What application element do you feel is the most crucial?  If you've recently been accepted, how do you feel you made yourself stand out?


This definitely seems to be the program that gets the least amount of traffic on here, so I thought I would try to generate some interest and start a conversation.  


Look forward to hearing from you!

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