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Taking a class in the spring/summer before enrolling?


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So I was accepted into a very good program. Because the program values quant courses, and I hadn't taken that many at the time of application, I decided to take a quant course in the spring/summer before enrolling, and I noted these plans in the "additional info" section of the application. In none of my communications with the school have they mentioned my acceptance being contingent on my completing the course, and the school has its own quant summer prep session, which current students say is sufficient for prep and they have insisted that no outside prep is needed.

Nonetheless, I have gone forward with the course on a distance learning basis as I want to honor what I said I would do in the application, and the course is not particularly difficult anyway. However, I am now realizing that it is going to be very difficult to complete because it requires in person proctored tests, and I have discovered that seemingly nowhere near where I live exists a testing center near that actually accommodates the schedule of full time workers by allowing weekend or evening tests, and I am unable to take so many days off from my job to take the tests.

Frustrated, I am strongly considering simply withdrawing from the course. At this point, though very helpful, I don't think I actually need it in terms of the prep, but I worry that not doing it will be a problem since I wrote it in my application.

Any thoughts/advice on this? Am I worrying for no reason that if I withdraw it will come back to bite me? Or conversely would I be committing a serious application faux pas by not completing it? I know no one can give me a definite answer on this but the program itself, but I am reluctant to ask them about it directly and would greatly appreciate hearing what the general consensus is. Thanks!

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I feel like you are worrying for no reason. I dont even think that you should mention it to the school because it would draw attention to it. Just enroll in their summer quant prep thing. I dont think anyone will quesiton you about the course at all but if they do, give your reason for withdrawing.

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