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F-1 visa: do they contact the people you mention on the DS-160?

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Hi everyone,


I'm an international student from Spain in the process of getting my visa. I'm filling the DS-160 online and they ask for names, addresses, etc. of two people (can't be relatives) who can verify that the information I've provided is true. I was wondering if some of you could share your experiences with this; do they normally contact those people or just if something on the questionnaire looks fishy? And, if they do reach out to them, are they expected to know the answers I provided out of the blue or just confirm that whatever I put there is true? And would they conduct these little "interviews" in English, or in the language of the place where I'm getting my visa?


Since I will have to ask two people to put their names there, I'd need to know if they must speak English (this is a big limiting factor on the list of potential candidates!), and I'd also like to tell them how much work on their part this thing will entail (i.e. is the probability of getting called really low or are they gonna have to learn my answers in case they get quizzed?).


I'd really appreciate any input!


Thanks a lot.

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