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I'm new and I have a SSHRC related question


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Hi all,


I am new to this forum. I just decided to join as I have been lurking old threads to scour for information about SSHRC (Masters level) and it seems like a very friendly community.


I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on being a SSHRC alternative? After 6 weeks of my application status not changing, I finally contacted both SSHRC and my Graduate Studies office to see what was happening with my application as it said "received by administrator" for over a month. I was told that my status is actually "alternate", and I know this is essentially a waitlist, and that if funds should come available, I may get an offer.


So my question is whether you are able to find out your rank on the alternate list, or if you just wait and wish? I'm also looking for anyone who may have ended up being successful as an alternate, or anyone who was not successful, just to share experiences. Any responses would be greatly appreciated... this is a fantastic way to distract me from my thesis proposal! :rolleyes:


Thanks everyone, I look forward to 'meeting' everyone.

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