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I am looking for schools that offer a masters in history. I want to study elite women of the antebellum South, specifically in NC, SC, and VA. I want to ultimately get my PhD, but when I was an undergrad I had no desire to pursue an advanced degree, so my undergraduate grades are not great. I'm looking for a school who looks for students with passion and skill, not necessarily grades. I have been taking courses at a local university recently, so I am developing myself as a graduate student. I know it will be difficult, so I don't need to be reminded of this. I am determined.

My criteria is:

A strong Southern and gender history program.

A masters program. Doctorate programs are difficult to get into, and I don't have a strong academic past, I hope to get this at graduate school.

A program that prepares their students for a PhD program.

A hands on program. I am the type of student who pursues research independently, but also regularly seeks guidance from professors.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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I also have a passion for Southern History and wanted a strong program which is why I enrolled at UNC-C for Fall 2014. From what my undergrad professors told me and my own research, they do a great job preparing students for PhD programs.


I recommend taking a look at their websites. I'd be very surprised if someone did not share or support your research interests.





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