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How beneficial would a subject test be my situation?


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Hi guys,


Sorry this is long... any advice is majorly appericated though. For my particular situation, how beneficial would the biochem subject test be? I plan on applying to biophysics/computational bio/biochem phd programs in the fall (my research area is really interdisciplanary so the appropriate department varys depending on school). I have a relatively specific research interest (biochem related obviously) that I know tons about and do research in now. I am only applying to the schools that are perfect fits.

While reading this, keep in mind that I had untreated ADD during undergrad and now control it. I plan on having an LOR writer mention that I had a medical issue during undergrad that doesnt reflect my phd abilities. Here is my situation:


Undergrad: Mathematics

Decent state school: 3.3 overal GPA but only 2.9 science GPA (upward trend).

Good research experience:

1) biomath REU at top 25 school (dont ask me how I got into that...)

2) 1.5 of biomath research at home institution which resulted in a conference paper and poster for undergrad school symposium

3) Also lab tech experience in a bioengineering lab (1 year) and bio animal facility (5 years).


Masters: Bioinformatics

My local state school, probably unknown but decent reputation.

GPA: 4.0.

Great research experience: My PI will be one of my LOR writers and I have already read one of his letters for me... it basically says I am one of the best students he has had.

My other LORs should be great. One of the professors offered to write it without my asking. I had the highest grade in the class (of 20+ ppl) in both classes for these professors and disucussed research regularly outside of class.


Basically, I have gone from being average/below average in undergrad to having the highest grade in every single one of my classes. Since my undergrad grades in some of my foundation courses are Cs, I wonder if the biochem subject test might greatly help my application in confirming that I have mastered that material now that my medical situation has been handled. It will require tons of studying for me this summer to ace it though, which could otherwise be speant on more research and reading lots of publications in my phd research area. What would you do?

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If I was you, I wouldn't bother with the subject GRE. You've shown you can handle graduate level courses in the field.

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