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FLAS Scholarships - how do they work?


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I'm starting my second masters in an area relevant to Middle Eastern languages. I'm participating in an Ulpan for Intermediate Hebrew this summer, and have taken a year of Classical Arabic. I would like to increase my fluency in Modern Standard Arabic and Hebrew--which is why I am looking at the FLAS.

How competitive are these scholarships? Are they like Fulbrights where you have to draft a proposal? My institution is not listed as one who gives FLAS scholarships to students -- does this make me ineligible, or can I still apply for a summer fellowship at another institution?

Thanks for all your help.

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I am not an expert, but I did have a FLAS for two years. From what I hear, FLAS awards are very competitive, at least the full-year grants. The drawback is that you have to be at an institution that has a FLAS program. The application is similar to the Fulbright, with a statement of purpose and letters of recommendation. I believe the summer FLAS is open to everyone, however.

Hope that helps!

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I have an academic year FLAS. From what I understand, you have to be enrolled at the granting university to apply. At least that's the way it works at my school, even for the summer FLAS. Maybe it depends on your school- perhaps you could ask someone in your fellowships/fin aid office? I found the FLAS application to be pretty tricky, because the personal statement is so short: I think only 250 words! Not really enough space to say anything more intelligent than 'I did this stuff, I think this stuff is interesting, please give me money!' Other than the personal statement, there is a one page application form with basic information, and a letter of recommendation.

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