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US Health Insurance Advice for Dependents


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(Apologies for the cross post)


Perplexed Canadian here trying to figure out how health insurance works in your fine United States of America. While I'm happily covered by NYU's generous funding package, my spouse needs papers to get past the boarder and presumably also to live in this strange healthcareless land. The easiest thing to do would of course be just to add them onto the NYU student health plan. However, at about $10,000/year, and without access to the student health clinic where a lot of services are free, this seems like a supremely bad deal. Am I right in reading it that way? Does everyone pay obscene prices for medical insurance in the states? Why don't you just have federal health care?


To add to the confusion, I can't access the New York state health insurance marketplace website from out of the country, which rather significantly impairs my ability to do comparison shopping on insurance alternatives (assuming that we'd be eligible, I'm not even sure). Does anyone have any excellent health insurance plans/providers to recommend? Any advice on how to negotiate these strange waters?


Many thanks from the land of free hospitals and maple syrup.

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