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emailed for status, got the reply. Does it simply mean that I am out?


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Hi everyone:

I emailed the admission committee for status update after been put on to the waitlist one and half month ago. and I got the following reply:

We haven’t made any offers to the Foundation Year wait list as of yet, as many accepted in our initial round of offers. This may change over the next few days. Please let me know if you are willing to stay on the wait list for a few more weeks if necessary.

I was the 7th out of a total of 12 waitlists. At this point I am aware I should just give it up but still, I am not mentally ready... I still hope million to one chance that it will turn into a good news..

Anyone had been to such a desperate situation and eventually got accepted?

THanks a lot!

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I had an email worded almost exactly the same - higher than usual number of first round offers were accepted, we do not know if further offers will be sent out, etc. I ended up getting into that program. I had another program tell me that they can't offer me funding, and if I'd still like to be considered. I said yes, got in, and that's where I'm headed in the fall. 


In other words, until they say "sorry try again", it's still very much possible. 

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