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International applicant, looking for Neuroscience programs in the US


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I originally wanted to apply to top schools, but I'm starting to fear I won't get accepted, as I have no masters or publications, plus a subpar GPA. I'm looking for recommendations on decent neuroscience programs that offer funding to international applicants. I'm sitting at:




GRE: 169 Verbal, 164 Quant, 4.5 AWA

TOEFL: 116


BS in Biology/Genetics. Graduation research/thesis on neuroscience.


Strong research experience - been in 4 labs, 3 of them neuroscience, HOWEVER no publications. I've only been to one conference as well, in which I did not present.


Good recommendation letters. I wouldn't call them stellar, though.


Mediocre GPA after conversion - 3.2. I'm rather upset at this fact since I was easily in the top 10% of my undergrad class, but arbitrary grade conversion messed me up. I'm not sure if explaining this in my SOP would remedy the issue.




I'd really appreciate help and suggestions. Thank you in advance!

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