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Australian bachelor degree


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Hi everyone


I finished my bachelor degree in ANU in Australia with HD average. Now i am gonna apply for G5 in the UK. I just want to know whether G5 accept three-year bachelor degree in Australia? Anyone has tried that and got an offer?



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I was under the assumption that bachelors in the UK are only three years as well, so I don't see why not?

Because UK standards are higher. The length of a degree matters less than its content. I am not aware of any UK universities accepting non-honours degrees from Australia. Of course I am only familiar with a fraction of UK universities, but a highly doubt that a G5 university would accept one.


See for yourself:





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Ah, so the three year bachelor is out of the norm for Austrian bachelors? I thought maybe they used the same system as the UK.  However, many countries typically have three year BComm degrees. I guess it depends on what program you are applying for and if a BComm is an acceptable prerequisite. 

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