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Sorting MFA Programs


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Hey everyone,


First time poster. I'm am applying and hope to be admitted into an mfa program for fall 2015. I was recently advised to apply to programs that accept a range of a number of students. So some schools that only take in a few and others that take in much more. However, I'm having a difficult time finding any results. Perhaps you could help. Below are the program I am interested in applying to.


UT Texas Austin Michener Center

Ohio State

University of Alabama

University of Florida

Washington University in St. Louis

Iowa Writers Workshop

University of Utah 

Cornell University

Uni. Wisconsin Madison(will they be taking poetry applications??)

Uni. Massachusetts Amherst

Virginia Polytech Blacksburg

Uni. of Michigan


Also, what are your thoughts on this advice? And what your thoughts on my list? 



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Here's some cohort sizes compiled from the 2014 MFA Draft group on Facebook:


Cornell - 4 for fiction

Virginia Tech - 7 for poetry and fiction

Alabama - 6 for fiction

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