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Need help choosing!! ASU(MSE), VTech(M.Eng), Clemson(MS).


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These are my admits according to my priority:


VTech (MEng), Comp Engg

Clemson U (MS) ECE

I am interested in pursuing a course in Embedded Systems (ES)/Hardware and Software Co-design/Computer Engg; a course that is well balanced in both software and hardware. The problem with ASU my desired course comes under the purview of CS Dept and not EE and inter dept transfers arnt allowed. Also its a terminal course i.e. a non thesis one. is it possible to take up courses from CS dept at ASU? ASU is reorganizing its departments. Will it help me (fall 2009 applicant) in any way? can I convert MSE into MS with thesis? How difficult is that?

VTech also is offering me a non thesis course, but I very much inclined towards research and would like to go for an MS degree and probably further it even to a PhD. I would like to know how difficult will it be to convert to MS if I choose VTech. If its very difficult then should I leave it for a low ranked Clemson univ. How does Clemson compare with Vtech in terms of quality of program (Comp Engg), funding in terms of GA/TA/RA, research work done by profs in ES and related field, off campus housing rates, availability of on campus jobs etc.

Guys please help me choose!!!

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