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Media Arts MFA programs

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Hello, I'm currently a BFA graphic design student at CSULB.

I'm interested in applying to research based, inter-and multidisciplinary MFA programs in Media Arts with teaching stipends and decent funding. I have a few questions:


1.What possible schools would you recommend besides my list:


UC Irvine 
UC Berkeley 
UC Davis 



2.Since CSULB is a great school but still not on the top of the ranking list, what are my chances of getting into these schools? I have a 3.9 GPA in my major and 3.88 general GPA .

I'm currently a research assistant in the art department and my body of work is based around critical and experimental design.I've been in a few shows and received several scholarships as well as full academic research funding.


3. I'll be graduating is May 2015 and application deadline for MFA program is in January, can I apply to the MFA program prior to completing my BFA?


Thank you

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