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A question from an international student

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I'm an international student applying for MPA and MPP programs and I'm about to ask my recommenders about LORs.


As far as I can see, the most important a recommender should describe in a LOR is:


- Leadership skills

- Quantitative skills
- Economic understanding

- Analytical abilities

- Communication skills


A part from supporting parts in my SOP and tie my background to the future (potential). 


However, I'm in doubt whether all my recommenders should pay attention to all the skills listed above with short examples or if it is better that one of my recommenders especially pay attention to the first three points with comprehensive examples and briefly mention the last two points, while another recommender especially pays attention to the last two points with comprehensive examples and briefly mention the first three points.


What do you recommend?

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Let your recommenders handle it. It sounds like you're trying to micromanage their content. Select them on the basis of who knows you best as a student (volunteer LOR aren't as important as your academic LOR for most programs). Pick people who can write enthusiastically about you (and ask them respectfully if they feel comfortable doing so). 

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