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Funding at MFA Programs


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Thought this could be a catch-all for these types of questions.


I'll start: I've been looking into the program at UNM (University of New Mexico, Albuquerque) lately. They apparently offer $20k/year stipends to their graduate and teaching assistants, but that info took some digging to find -- meaning there wasn't a "funding" section on the main MFA page, and/or it wasn't specific -- and I haven't been able to find any info on what percentage of their acceptees are fully funded, etc. Anyone who has this info, your help would be greatly appreciated!


And just for sh*ts and giggles, here's a list of the programs whose funding scheme I *am* aware of:


U. Texas - Austin:                            27k                   Johns Hopkins:                 18-22k, depending on source

Vanderbilt, WUSTL                          26k

Cornell                                               24k                    Virginia Commonwealth:  $11-22k, depending on source

Michigan                                            22k

Wisconsin, New Mexico                  20k

Ohio State, Iowa, Syracuse,

U.C. Irvine                                         17k            

New Mexico State, Virginia Tech,

Louisiana State, U. Mass.                 16k

University of Florida                          15k

South Florida, Central Florida,

University of Minnesota                     14k

University of Alabama                     13.5k

Arizona State                                    13k

Southern Illinois University                12k

North Carolina State                          11k

Boise State, Oregon State,

University of Oregon                          10k

Bowling Green, Brown                      9k

Wichita State                                     8k

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In case anyone's interested: according to the editor of the Blue Mesa Review (University of New Mexico's literary magazine), the program is fully funded.

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