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Am I Worthy? Ph.D in Economics


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Hello all,


I decided that I no longer want to pursue my plan A career path, JD/MBA then working M&A, so I am very seriously looking at a MS in Applied Mathematics then a PhD in economics. I would really appreciate a few evaluations so I know what areas to improve before applying and on what schools I should focus my efforts.


Undergrad Institution: public school in the SEC
Major(s): Economics, International Studies (Both Honors)
Minor(s): Mathematics, Portuguese, Spanish
Overall GPA: 3.88

Type of Student: domestic, male


Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Joan Nelson Study Abroad Scholarship, Honors College Fellow, Outstanding Undergraduate Economic Student of the Year, Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key Society

Pertinent Activities or Jobs:

- Audit Intern at a Brazilian accounting firm in Rio de Janeiro during spring semester 2014 (maybe semi-pertinent)


Special Bonus Points: fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, studied abroad in Brazil and Costa Rica


My largest concern is that I have not taken more math courses. I have currently taken Cal I (A), Cal II (A-), Cal III (A), Econ stats I (A), and Econ Stats II (A). This fall I plan on taking linear algebra, followed by real analysis in the spring. I am hoping that my language skills and time abroad help since I am mostly interested in international economics. However, I doubt they will do much to boost my application for the  masters in Applied Mathematics. Is hoping for a top 25 masters program with my limited math too high, and how will attending a lower ranked program effect my chances of top Phd programs?




Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


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