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US Foreign Policy

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I'm trying to identify PhD programs in the States that are strong on US foreign policy. Surprisingly, it doesn't seem to be a huge focus for many schools. Any thoughts? Anticipating the comment that I'm not being specific enough ( :wink: ), I mean programs with a focus on the history of US foreign policy, its intellectual traditions, the policy-making process surrounding it, etc. I should stress that I'm keen to study US foreign policy in a way that is not divorced from IR theory and the broader debates in the field - so, I don't think I would be suited to a history or American Politics degree.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your advice - I have already done that to an extent, and come up with Princeton, Georgetown, GWU, UVA and U Texas-Austin, which I think represents a reasonably fair spread of schools ranking wise (although maybe not?). I don't want to apply to too many schools, but I think I could add Duke to that mix.

I was really just fishing for any extra advice that might be floating around from people who knew off the top of their head where the best places to study this kind of thing was - and in particular, for any advice that I wasn't getting by trawling through websites by myself.

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On a side note.....

George Washington has a summer program, 3 weeks for undergrad 3 weeks for grad students, which is called their 'foreign policy institute'. I am sure attending, teaching or any involvement in that is a step in the right direction.

They have members of the UN, house and senate foreign relations aides and council on foreign relations members doing lectures and seminars.

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