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ucr provisional admit confusion

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Hi all,I recently got a provisional admission to University of California, Riverside. It requests confidential financial statement, which is to state whether there is personal fund, private sponsor or sponsorship from a government, foundation, agency or other external source. The total required fee into the programme for the first year is estimated to be around US$30,498.50 and the estimated minimum living expenses (9 month academic year only) is like US$15,044.50. Does UCR send out a lot of admissions to applicants? What does this provisional admission mean? Will accepting it mean I will claim myself to be a self-financing student if I don't have sponsorship from external sources? Or, it is just a procedure that most applicants go through and more financing application opportunities will follow later (such as teaching assistant or research assistant at campus)? 

please help me in this regard.

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As far as I know, all US undergrad and grad school require this financial statement to internaitonal students, and this is a mandatory docs before they issue you I-20.


Your ta or any other funding opportunity is not related with your financial statement. In most cases, it was given upon your addmission letter.


Good Luck

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You should clarify with the department what the provisional statement means. As jeffkiller said, usually funding comes with an admission letter, so if you didn't see anything in the letter, it might mean you have to self-fund. But check with the department to see whether or not funding will come later. I would say that you should be careful to not count on any funding until it's in writing--so assume you won't get any until they give you a written funding offer.


Usually provisional admission means that the department will accept you but the graduate school has to give final approval still. Or it might mean that you will be accepted as long as you meet certain requirements within some timeline. Ask them to clarify. Or perhaps in this case it really just means that you have to prove that you can show them enough money to pay for all tuition + living expenses before they can admit you since you can't get an I-20 without proving this.


TA and RA money can count towards meeting the roughly $45,000 you need to provide. If you don't have a TA or RA offer, then you must show that you can pay all these costs from your personal/family money or an external source.

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