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Bilingual or multicultural PhDs

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Does anybody know of bilingual or multicultural PhDs with no GRE?

I have: TC Columbia University.


I want to get a PhD in something related to teaching languages.

I have an MS in TESOL, but a PhD, in my mind, in TESOL would be too narrow and would limit my options down the road.


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The only way you can get a PhD related to teaching languages is if you write a dissertation on language teaching in some capacity. The PhD is a research degree. If you want to teach languages, it's much more financially wise to get a teaching master's.

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OK see that's my problem.

Many universities offer EdDs (For example TC at Columbia) for TESOL or Applied Linguistics.
Seems too narrow for me.

I have previous professors who have master's in TESOL and chose PhD's in education.

Any tips on becoming more marketable?
My main focus is adults, so bilingual education is out (in TC).


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Now that I'm here and ppl are replying:

I am also interested in Higher Education EdD.

Why? Because I'm interested in politics, change, policy and social justice. My master's thesis was on this (Teaching and Curriculum issues and solutions).

My background
4 languages

Intercultural and Organizational Communication BA

Teaching and Curriculum, MS (Specialty TESOL)
______(insert possibilities here)___________

I am not sure if I can get into a Higher Ed program being so young and having no administrative experience. What do you think?

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Dude, what job do you want to get?


If you want to work in education administration, get an EdD. If you want to teach a language to adult learners, get a teaching masters or a degree in the language you intend to teach, and be sure to check out the certification requirements of the area/level/institution you will be teaching, because I hear they differ. If you want to try to get a research job at a university, get a PhD in the discipline you intend to be a professor of. If you want to use your language skills and think about politics, change, policy and social justice, make liberal use of the Starbucks free wifi and your local library.

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I agree with the comments above. You need to decide what career you want to have and from there what degree you need to get. From what you write, I get the impression that you need a EdD for the kind of job you want to do, but (independently, but relatedly) you want to do a research PhD that would allow you to study questions that won't actually affect your hirability and won't be what your day-to-day job post graduation will be about. If that's the case, you need to sit down and seriously think about the value of spending a few years studying something you're interested in but won't contribute to your job prospects (or, not much; or not as much as a more relevant applied degree). It's a personal decision whether the extra effort and lost potential wages are worth it. 

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