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Best Test Prep for Verbal GRE Section?


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I've been prepping for the GRE verbal sections, and I'm getting very different scores on the practice tests. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on the best prep materials for the verbal component; so far I've been using Manhattan Press and the official ETS guide. What bothers me is that I'm scoring consistently lower on the Manhattan Press. Sometimes on sections I've been missing most of the questions. My scores in that guide have been in the 150 range. I've started the ETS guide, and I'm performing significantly better. In fact, I only missed two questions on the practice session, whereas in the Manhattan prep guide, I would miss about half the questions. 


I also wanted to know if anyone had insights and advice about Varsity Tutor's verbal GRE prep materials. I started using their free online practice sections, and I'm performing very highly. I scored in the 95th percentile, which seems really high for me. Does anyone know if any of these sources I've mentioned accurately reflect the test? I'd appreciate any comments! Thanks! 

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