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Boston University LEAP


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Hey everyone, so here's my situation. I applied to a university (VCU) as an undeclared student and proceeded to do poorly in gen eds, thus bringing my GPA below the 3.0 required to transfer into the school of engineering. I decided to pursue a math major, with the potential to graduate this year, and am now looking at grad school. I came across this program and it caught my interest - http://www.bu.edu/eng/academics/special-programs/leap/. 


Does anyone have personal experience or knowledge of this program? Here are the Phase 1 requirements for the program.




My primary interest in energy technology, which doesn't have listed phase 1 courses, if someone knows whether it falls primarily under Mechanical, or has any other context to provide, it would be appreciated. In regards to the Mechanical program, i have already taken Calc 1-3, Differential equations, physics 1 and 2. The remaining classes are not available to me at VCU at this time (I may be able to work out a minor allowing me to take some engineering courses), but many such as material science are offered at community colleges near me. Would those be accepted to satisfy phase 1 requirements? Additionally will they factor in to the 3.2 gpa required for guaranteed acceptance to phase 2? Also am i correct in understanding that if a 3.2 is achieved in these courses, i can then go on to phase 2 without taking a GRE, and without having to go through the application process (essays, recommendations, etc)? Or is there fine print i am missing, such as a requirement that phase 1 courses must be taken at 4 year institutions or at BU specifically? Additionally once the phase 1 courses are complete, the claim is that I will then be able to complete the masters in one year?( I have seen it on the website as taking 2-4 years total, the lack of clarity is confusing).


Also, is the degree recieved identical to any other masters in engineering from BU or is it designated as LEAP degree?


I apologize for the rushed nature of this thread, I am currently watching the world cup among other multitasking endeavors. Also if any other expedited or similar programs are out there, please let me know, particularly if they only take into account a small segment of GPA, as it is hard to undo the damage some particularly time consuming psycology and english classes have done. Thanks


Well i see there is a topic on this very subject, i'm unsure of how to delete this so if anyone has anything to add feel free, i will be shifting through the other topic otherwise. 

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