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Philosophers who are also entrepreneurs


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Google is your friend :)


Paul Canetti, founder and CEO of MAZ Media

Amol Sarva(Peek), Ken Reisman (TLists), Damon Horowitz (Aardvark), Patrick Byrne(Overstock), Josh Snyder (Treeline Labs), and of course Chris Dixon (Hunch)


Larry Sanger - co-founder of Wikipedia



That's just to list a few. Now, if you mean individuals who were PhD students and entrepreneurs at the same time, well, I have no idea. However, I suspect that this would be an extremely bad idea as both take up an inordinate amount of time, and that doesn't even ensure that you're going to be successful in either. So, it would seem to be a surefire way to fail at both if you tried to do both at the same time.

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