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Uppsala, Sweden (Sustainable Development) VS Wageningen, Netherlands (Environmental Economics and Natural Resources)


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Hi! I have to decide this week which of these schools I am going to attend. I got admitted at


1. Uppsala University, Sweden. Program: Sustainable Development

  • 10. Thesis
  • 2. Wageningen University, Netherland. Program: Environmental Economics and Natural Resources.


















These are the classes in Wageningen:

1. Principles of environmental sciences 
2. Research method in environmental sciences
3. Environmental economy for environmental sciences 
4. Environmental quality and governance 
5. Economics management of natural resources 
6. Advanced environmental economics and policy 
7. European workshop environmental sciences and management 
8. Internship 
9. Thesis


Basically I aspire to help create sustainable development. I want to be an environmentalist that understands economy. Environment and economy almost always on the opposite sides of sustainable development. In the future I want to work in an international institutions.

Uppsala University, Sweden

plus and minus

1. I really want to live in Sweden

2. Top 100 world university ranking. Sweden's first university

3. Sweden is the most sustainable country (Robecosam, 2013) and it will be invaluable to study sustainability in the most sustainable country

4. I studied International Relations for my Bachelor's study. I feel that its very broad, too broad even. I am afraid sustainable development will also be broad like IR.

5. I like the fact that sustainable development gives more room for other disciplinary other than environment


Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Wageningen University, Netherland

1. Top 10 university with excellent environmental study

2. Netherland is also known for its environmental friendly country

3. tangible exciting classes. more excited to study Wageningen's classes.

4. More specific study

5. I am actually not that good in economy, but I really want to be able to understand economy well. I figured with proper classes and lecturers I'll be able to do it. But, what if I'm just not gifted to comprehend economy like I'm not gifted to comprehend Physics? (I can't get out of the grade 6 (out of 10) during my three years in senior high school). 

Is there anyone who have studied or known about how is it studying at SusDev Uppsala? Will the classes in Wageningen also covered in Uppsala? They say university profile is important. Although Uppsala now ranked 80ish in Top 100 university world ranking, but people don't really know. Is it just people around me that are lack of knowledge or do you think so too?

My head said Netherland, my heart said Sweden. I am at my wits end.

I really hope you can give me your opinion. Anything. Thank you!



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