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Advice for further studies in Economics


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Hi all,

I am Prithwish from India. I completed my Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering in 2011. Since then I am working for Tata Consultancy Services. In my final semester we had a brief intoduction to Financial Management. I found the subject to be very interesting and eventually found the world of economics. Over the last 2 years I have personally completed almost the whole Bachelors syllabus for Economics. However I am devoid of a formal degree. i am very interested in Public, Developmental and Labor Economics.
The lack of a formal degree did not help as most colleges ask for a previous degree in economics for masters courses.

I now have received an offer from Hochschule Pforzheim in Germany for a course in International management. I went down the MBA route thinking that it would help me get a formal semester involving economics. I am very interested in staying in academics and want to do a PhD in Economics. Right now I am very messed up with what I should do and am looking for some help. Is it possible to study economics after an MBA?

Thanks in advance.


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Go for MBA....


Study Econ and Finance ....


If you won't be able to secure admit from Good University for PhD then at least you will have some career whatsoever.


I work for Wipro and next month I am going to study MBA in Canada. I'm also on the same boat but this is very difficult for us now to change everything.

You can just try but please secure your career first.

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