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Aerospace Engineering Jobs in the US

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Hi guys!! Ishan here.


I am an international student.I am currently preparing for GRE .I am really interested and passionate about joining a grad school program of Aerospace Engineering in the US. But I have got various inputs from different sources and my seniors up in the states that its really difficult or should I say virtually impossible to get a job in the US aerospace engineering industry especially if you are a foreigner. I know that this is a fact and one cannot deny it but do I even have a slight chance of getting a job up there and if not should I just redraw my plans when it comes to a grad school program of Aerospace Engineering?

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Your seniors are right. It's extremely difficult to get a job in aerospace. My dad was an aerospace professor at an R1 for a number of years, and he was always clear to incoming international students that they would have a hard time on the U.S. job market. All of them claimed they didn't care and planned on returning to their country, then threw fits when it came time to graduate. 


If your number one priority is to secure a job in the States, you'll have a better time in mechE, and you can do some allied work in aero if you so choose.

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