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Amended Reading List for GRE Literature Subject Test

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Yup! And you know what's also encouraging? Going to the "results search" and checking out certain schools you're interested. Take a look at some of the acceptances and rejections. A few have their GRE score information beside their names...and it's quite interesting to notice a few abysmal subject scores among the acceptances to top programs, and a few stellar subject scores among the rejections...


Maybe it's a little strange to find this comforting, but...I find it comforting!

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Nope, definitely comforting for me too. I was talking to a classmate who reassured me that low scores on the lit GRE are normal and gave me a few examples of scores she knows that made me feel a lot better, kind of. Its scary to think that students can get such a score (less than 10th percentile) but I guess it happens! 

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