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How to determine which colleges will provide the most funding?


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I am trying for a PhD in Economics for the second time. This last year I went 0 for 10. (I applied to only top 20 programs, no safeties)


I've been told I have "everything needed to get in", I just ultimately didn't make the final cut anywhere (basically, just unlucky).


GPA: 3.75/4.0

GRE: 165/164/5.0

Have two academic publications in peer-reviewed journals as the sole author of each

completed internships with a top 10 thinktank and with the White House

can supply 3 to 5 strong letters of rec

currently working on a Master's degree in Finance, with the goal of obtaining additional quantitative skills and finance industry knowledge (my area of interest is the intersection of financial systems and economic development)


my undergrad was at a top 200 college (I think somewhere in the 160s)

my masters is at a top 20 university


The problem now is that I am going to be in debt from doing the Master's degree (I had zero debt coming out of undergrad), and am not willing to take on more debt in doing a PhD.


I'm trying to figure out places where I will not only get accepted, but obtain full funding. I have no problem with lowering my sights from a top 20 program if it means getting admitted and getting the financial package that I would need to attend the program.


Any advice or comments are appreciated.




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