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F-1 Visa for Canadians Studying in USA

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Hi all!


I'll be starting a Ph.D in the US this upcoming fall. I was told that as a Canadian citizen, I can obtain my F-1 visa directly from a port of entry (airport, etc.). Are there any Canadians here that have been through that process? How stressful/complicated was it? What type of question did they ask you? Many thanks for your help!

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I answered this in your other post as well. In summary though:


1. This is not a visa interview because we are not being granted a F-1 visa at the border, we are granted F-1 status.

2. The questions I got were: 

a ) Can I see your documents?

b ) Is this the first time you are entering on this particular F-1/J-1 status?

c ) What are you studying and where? (your I-20 says your school and program details so I think they are just checking)

d ) Have you ever been in the US before? (they want to know if you have had other visas/statuses--I told them I have visited the US on vacation before and they don't seem to care)

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