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Is that really possible?


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Hello everyone,


I'm new here, and I am about to make a decision which is going to effect my whole life. First of all, sorry about my English. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.


So,  I'm currently studying Civil engineering 2nd year in a Turkish university. It means i have 2 more years for preparing Toefl, Gre, and taking lor. As I am an international student, I have to race with people from all world for entering the top schools in U.S. And there are no people here who has succeeded it so far.


I can have better GPA, i can improve my English for Toefl and Gre. But even if I do these, I think my letter of recommendations won't be enough because of studying in a university which has not so much relations with U.S. universities. So I am thinking about working for a while with a proffesor from U.S. in summer and get a lor from him/her. 

My question is; if I have all these , is it really possible to enter the best universities of world?


Sorry again, for my English. Thanks for your answers.

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