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Fall 2014 Ph.D Application for CS still waiting to hear from URI


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Hi everyone,

I've applied to URI Jan '14 end before the deadline, haven't received any info/update from them regarding a decision on my application. I'd applied to Prude for CS got rejection mail in a week's time ( sad :( ) but atleast got an answer from them. I've an M.Sc in Digital Forensics from UK, so looking for universities which have Forensics as a part of their curriculum. As it's already June end, I'm feeling very anxious to hear the result of my application,. If anybody here has a similar experiance plz share. Thank you :) !


This year I'd applied in 3 universities for CS Ph.D, but got rejected from 2. So recently I have been getting advice, as-to my Bachelor's grade is not enough of GPA required in all these universities, I should better look to apply for M.S in a US university and thn go on to apply for Ph.D. If anyone can shed some light on this I'd very much appreciate the help!!! Thank u :) !

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