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Coursework for Master of International Relations

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I'm interested in applying to degrees in international relations, like programs at SAIS, Georgetown, and a couple of others. I've got an undergrad majors in English and a foreign language which included a year abroad. I have a Master of Science in Teaching, which I obtained while teaching high school. Additionally, I was a Fulbrighter and have worked for a couple of other educational organizations. I feel that I have a good amount of international experience and can get good recs from people with whom I worked during my time abroad. My GRE scores are good, well in the middle 50% (if not slightly above) for the schools I'm looking at.


My question is this: are there any blind spots on my background? I want to cover all of my bases, and while I don't have intl relations experience per se, I've got enough experience abroad (plus what I think is good work experience) to speak intelligently on global affairs, etc. Does anyone have any suggestions for coursework that I could complete in the meantime to make my application stand out a bit more?



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I think overall you have a pretty solid background.


You don't really need to have much IR or Poli Sci work to look good for these programs (though it always looks good).


The only small blind spot I can see is that most of the more competitive International Relations programs (especially the two you mentioned) tend to place an emphasis on international economics. I'm pretty sure both of these programs (at least when I was looking into them) strongly recommended taking introductory macroeconomics and introductory microeconomics courses.


So if you are looking for a couple of courses to take in the meantime before applying, I would recommend those. Hope this helps!

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