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SLPs and 2nd Language

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Hello everyone,


I just have a quick question for you all. Does your graduate program require you to take sign language or a 2nd language course?

As an SLP, will I be at a disadvantage since I do not know sign language or a 2nd language? What is ASHAs take on the language requirements of an SLP?



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To my knowledge, there are no ASHA requirements for familiarity with a second language, including ASL. I personally feel that this is problematic because so many of our clients are bilingual, not to mention that learning a second language often deepens your understanding of your first language.


Not knowing a second language isn't inherently a disadvantage, although knowing a second language is one of the many factors that can boost an application. So as you're applying, emphasize your strengths, as I'm sure you possess many other skills that set you apart.

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